So, what is it?

It is a combination of CSS, JavaScript and PHP:
  • CSS is used to add style as normal.
  • JavaScript reads this style and calls PHP.
  • PHP creates and returns images using this style.
This all happens in a blink of an eye.

The script uses and respects web standards. Actually, it offers more than current browsers support.
No changes are needed to start using it. Just add one line of JavaScript and you're ready!

Supported standards

All styles are added using standard CSS. The following CSS rules are supported:
  • font-family
    with alternative fonts
  • font-size
    absolute and relative
  • color
    short hex colors, hex colors, rgb colors and natural language colors
  • background-color
    supports transparency for background images
  • font-style (pro)
    make a text italic
  • font-weight (pro)
    make a text bold, values 600 till 900 set boldness
  • text-decoration (pro)
    underline, overline and line-through
  • text-transform
    uppercase, lowercase and capitalize
  • text-indent
    indents the first line of text in an element
  • word-spacing
    increases or decreases the white space between words
  • white-space (pro)
    prevent wrapping of text with nowrap, pro reduces number of images to improve performance
  • line-height (pro)
    sets the distance between lines, pro adds support for IE and Opera
  • font-stretch* (pro)
    condense or expand fonts
  • text-shadow* (pro)
    drop a shadow in a specified color on a specified position behind the text
  • @import (pro)
    import style rules from other stylesheets
  • @font-face* (pro)
    use an url to a (zipped) TrueType font file anywhere on the internet!
*) CSS rule is normally not supported by browsers.
(pro) Is only available or has special features in pro version.

Furthermore, <FONT> tags with face and size attributes are supported.


The script was written to follow accessibility guidelines. Sites are fully accessible without javascript, stylesheets or even images.

Image support is checked before running the script. All inserted images have alt and title attributes. All existing title attributes remain intact.

Programs like screenreaders will still work, because there are no changes to the source and all styles are added using standard CSS.