Pro version

This professional version has the best compatibility, flexibility and security. You can use it commercially and get support if you run into trouble. See details for more info.

Please select an option to buy this version for only € 19 or $ 27.

  1. Paypal, direct download for customers with a credit card.

  2. eBay

    Ebay, delivery via email afterwards, can take up to a few hours or days depending on payment.

  3. Bank Transfer, delivery via email afterwards, can take up to a few days.
The pro version is also available as a hosted service if you have no capable web server.


In short, the pro version has the following features

  • Commercial use allowed.
  • Best Opera support.
  • No CSS limitations.
  • More CSS features.
  • Best compatibility.
  • Best security.
  • Free future updates.
  • Includes support.

Furthermore, it has the following extra CSS features

  • Supports font-style, font-weight and text-decoration.
  • Use inline styles using style attribute on elements.
  • Use inline, linked or imported stylesheets in Opera 8/9.
  • Corrects line-height.
  • Optimizes white-space with nowrap.
  • Expand and condense fonts using font-stretch.
  • Supports shadows with text-shadow.
  • Import stylesheets using @import.
  • Extra options for better relative font size calculation.
All pro version buyers get free future updates.