The effect of True Font Family

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Normal font

True Type Font


These examples show different usage and features.
  • Basic example
    Replacing a header as one single image by setting white-space to nowrap
  • Wrapping example with onload
    Replacing a header using multiple image in order to make it wrap and using <body> with onload() event
  • Linked stylesheet
    Replacing a header and links using a linked stylesheet and showing different hover style for links
  • Dynamic replace
    Replacing a header after updating the text node. Great for DHTML/AJAX applications.
  • Text rotation
    Rotate text forwards and backwards while still preserving the set line height
  • All text related CSS rules
    Test all text related CSS rules and compare True Font Family with normal font rendering
  • Web fonts with @font-face
    Use CSS standard @font-face rules to link to True Type font files (.ttf) even in zipped (.zip) archives
  • Web fonts made easy
    Set the url as font to use True Type font files (.ttf) even in zipped (.zip) archives
  • Web fonts examples from A List Apart
    Demonstrates how web fonts are supported by any regular browser in combination with True Font Family